The Locals Protecting the Reefs of Makinit

Cyanide and dynamite fishing still occurs in many waters and reefs across the Philippines and South East Asia despite continual attempts to stop the practice. Sustainable tourism and education efforts have seen an increase in protected areas of Coron’s marine ecosystems and a new fervour from locals to protect the marine environment, but many areas of reef remain vulnerable, writes Marina Trajkovich… Read More The Locals Protecting the Reefs of Makinit


Malaysia truly Asia

Locations: Kuala Lumpar, Panang, Langkawi Traveling around Malaysia was absolutely beautiful, with unforgettable scenery and diverse street food that reflected the countries mix of nationalities: Thai food, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Malay all of which my family ordered in abundance. My mothers meal time catchphrase “let’s just put a few things in the middle and share”… Read More Malaysia truly Asia