Guide to the Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam: How to conquer the loop when you’re new to riding a motorbike

One of the most popular things to do when travelling in Vietnam is to ride the Ha Giang loop- a four day motorbike journey through the incredible northern mountains of Vietnam, up near the Chinese border.

The views are incredible but for those who have never ridden a motorbike before or are travelling solo this road trip might seem daunting and impossible.

Here I explain how you can conquer the Ha Giang loop as a beginner rider.

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Criminalising Women- 101 East

For the Criminalising Women episode of 101 East, I helped to work on the digital campaign to promote this episode which included Twitter and Facebook posts as well as creating three promotional videos to promote the episode. I worked very closely with the social media manager to edit the video and refine my skills with…

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Sri Lanka’s New War- 101 East

The Easter bombings and terrorist attacks throughout Sri Lanka occurred during my time with Al Jazeera’s program 101 East. It was incredibly interesting to be in meetings discussing how to cover such a delicate and devastating issue as well as hearing the strategies of foreign correspondents when entering such terrain. In reaction to this I…

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Australia’s Vegan Fight- 101 East

During my time interning in Kuala Lumpur with Al Jazeera’s Asia- Pacific documentary program 101 East, I assisted with the sourcing of footage, tracking of talent as well as writing research briefs for various stages of the production process. I learnt a lot and was incredibly proud to work with such talented and creative journalists…

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