On my mind Monday

  I must confess. I have an addiction to moodboards. Pinterest is the image hoarders solution to a right old mess on your desktop and boy do I have a lot of images saved. Slapping them into geometric coherence on an Indesign document gives me unparalleled meditative pleasure. From travel to style musings, they create … Continue reading On my mind Monday

Inspo of the week

My Inspiration for the week featuring some fashion and street style snaps from Paris Fashion Week which has just started. Inspired by: Pastels, feminine fashion, sheer, lace and textured details, French icons like Brigitte Bardot and this delicious looking Lavender Gin Fizz. Recipe for Lavender Gin Fizz: http://www.bakenoir.com/2012/summer-cocktail-a-fresh-start-giveaway/ xx (None of these images are my own)