Meet the pageant kings of the Philippines



‘Praise you,’ is the art exhibition that wants women to love their bodies When artist, Alex Saba decided to create an exhibition that raised money for and awareness about eating disorders and body image in women, she had no idea of the impact and support she would receive, writes Marina Trajkovich

Researchers hope that art therapy is brain deep for dementia patients

A new program from the Brain and Mind Centre, in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art hopes to physically alter neural pathways in dementia sufferers through artmaking, writes Marina Trajkovich header image credit: Β @massimiliano_pelletti An elderly woman sits with her art therapist. She may have days where she can’t remember who she is, or …

On my mind Monday

  I must confess. I have an addiction to moodboards. Pinterest is the image hoarders solution to a right old mess on your desktop and boy do I have a lot of images saved. Slapping them into geometric coherence on an Indesign document gives me unparalleled meditative pleasure. From travel to style musings, they create …

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