Well helloo…

Marina is a third year Communications student, majoring in journalism at UTS in Sydney. Last year she got to intern with her favourite magazine Marie Claire Australia and was a web contributor for a year. Is now on the look out for more places to work for free hazar!

Her current project is as journalist and co-creator of Being Human, a publication centred on ethical living as a millennial which you should definitely check out so she can get HD’s for uni.Β 

She loves fashion, beauty, and pop culture psychology and wants to save to go travelling and continue to blog around the world, documenting feminism in all its fabulous forms as well as human rights issues around the world. She loves bloggers and aspires to have a successful blog that shows writing with personality and showcases her work but also has a fear of camera’s and self promotion… which is not ideal.

Next on the wish list is- silent ashram in India, (will be a struggle) returns to the native country to connect with Serbian meat-eating roots and to explore the Balkans, singing Anastasia songs in st Petersburg and looking at the northern lights and touring South America for 6 months… All with the knowledge that she’s a reckless lunch/ alcohol/ coffee/ sports bra/ lingerie buyer with a bank account that could make the Sahara dessert cry.

She’s also terminally single, loves art, dance, yoga, pole dance, peanut butter, disgusting juice… Honey Birdette, bad puns and has been told she’s the weirdest person a few people have ever met. (this was after thinking an amazing prank would be to put jam on someone’s arms while they’re unsuspecting and asleep) ( I personally think I’m quite a hoot.)

Thanks for reading,

Marina xxxxxxx (is it less awkward writing about yourself in third person?)



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