Sustainability has been dubbed the biggest challenge for the fashion world in 2020 with the climate crisis and environmental issues at the forefront of people’s minds. As brands continue to innovate and adapt, Danish brand 1people sets a stylish example for responsible fashion, writes Marina Trajkovich.

It’s no secret that the fashion world is slowly undergoing a dramatic reformation. As shoppers shift their mindsets and their wallets to conscious companies and major retailers continue to step up to the sustainability challenge, fashion is becoming greener, smarter, and savvier.

From celebrities like Emma Watson and Olivia Wilde turning exclusively to transparent and ethical designers, and activists exposing the industry’s volatile attachment to fast fashion, ‘sustainable,’ is the buzzword and global movement that is here to stay. 

The fashion industry’s environmental woes have been called out time and again as a major culprit in the war on waste, with millions of tonnes of discarded clothing contributing to landfill each year and fashion responsible for 10% of all green house gas emissions. 

When it comes to sustainable fashion and entrepreneurship with impact, 1people’s founding power couple Jonathan and Rea Tjoa Algreen walk the walk.

Jonathan and Rea Tjoa Algreen, Credit:1people

The pair’s international activewear and lifestyle brand, headquartered in beautiful Bali is a newly founded social enterprise, championing sustainability and transparency in the fashion industry and advocating a greater focus on ethics in business on a wider scale. 

Perhaps best known for it’s active and swimwear range derived from recycled fishing nets, 1people’s material choices reflect their values and environmental mission while supporting the local Balinese artisans who help create their products.

Stylish new collections are launched every month, reflecting the brand’s elegant, minimalistic design ethos and Scandinavian roots. Their latest collection showcases a range of vegan leather handbags made from Pinatex, a pineapple leaf derived fibre that drastically reduces the negative impacts of production.

Other fans of Pinatex include fashion powerhouses Chanel and Hugo Boss, examples of how creators and designers are using innovation to advance the industry for the better. 

“Their latest collection showcases a range of vegan leather handbags made from Pinatex, a pineapple leaf derived fibre that drastically reduces the negative impacts of production.

Credit: 1people

1people’s co-founder, Jonathan Algreen describes himself as an impact-driven entrepreneur.

“Our intention is not only to change the industry but also to set a good example of being a change-maker in business in general. There’s no reason to have a single focus on profits. We have to look at this from bigger perspectives and see business as a strong tool to create real change in the world,” he told Indonesian Tatler. 

With 40% of the brand’s profits going into their Business for Planet, social initiative, the Algreen’s proven commitment to making a difference is perhaps what makes the company so special. 

The program strives to empower and reduce poverty through entrepreneurial education, aiding aspiring business owners, and encouraging sustainable practices that create social and environmental change while supporting individuals and communities. 

Credit: 1people

While much of the Asian market is still catching up with the sustainability movement in terms of industry behaviour and public consciousness, Rea Algreen is optimistic about the future. 

“Eco-friendly fashion is slowly taking its place in the market, and that is because of the support from customers and different kinds of organizations. We definitely know that in Indonesia it’s new, but we can see that it’s growing and we have experienced a lot of interest in our products, values, and approach,” she says.

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