The fate of the female film-maker



Gender equity in film is being talked about a lot in the media with the success of Wonderwoman and other female directed flicks.

With women making up half of film schools why are the rates of female directors so dismal and how does a historically white-dude dominated industry change to give women more opportunity and become more diverse?

giphy (3).gif

How does unconscious and even conscious bias influence ‘da boys’ in the film funding gatekeepers club?

Marina Trajkovich talks to Anna Serner, the woman responsible for Sweden becoming the first country to fund male and female directors equally.

When she first became the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute 26% of funds were going to female directors. She called that a ‘catastrophe,’ and set a target to reach 50/0 without using quotas.

She achieved this in just three years and visited Sydney last month to share her incredible and shocking nuggets of industry knowledge.

Watch Being Human’s report on gender in film feat. aspiring-directors, working directors and teachers to learn more about gender in the huge and hyper masculine industry that has such an effect on pop culture and beliefs about being human the world over.



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