Are millennials really living in an age of anxiety?


This article was originally published on Being Human

Anxiety is a hot topic in the media right now. Everyone seems to be sharing their stories from Sarah Wilson to Prince Harry in an attempt to break the stigma and encourage people to speak out and get help.

You may have heard news of an “anxiety epidemic” facing millennials or housing prices causing the ‘quarter life crisis,’ but are we really any more anxious than generations passed?

The current stats-

A recent head space survey reveals that 80% of students reported feeling anxious in the past year.

20% of adults have diagnosed mental health issues and 25% of youngens have the symptoms of diagnosable anxiety or depression.


Being Human journalist Marina Trajkovich eats some avocado on toast whilst pondering the stresses of life, joins a protest, interviews a psychologist and talks anxiety over tea with an ex top model contestant.


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