Christmas of 2016, my family decided to go on a cruise because we are one of few families in the world who could not be bothered to cook for Christmas day… we instead decided to go on a huge floating boat with an endless drinks wristband, gorge ourselves at the buffet every day and spend evenings drinking cocktails at bingo. Oh what fun!

Cruises wouldn’t usually be my thing because quite frankly it scares me to behold something that looks like it could take down the harbour bridge just plonked there in the harbour. I also previously saw cruise ships as huge glutinous, carbon dioxide emitting symbols of Western consumption and not exactly my thing because I would prefer to visit a country in a more exposing and encompassing way- however for the purpose of this trip I can see the merits.

If you’re short on time, maybe you have kids which makes travelling a bit more challenging, or simply want a nice easy trip where you can indulge with everything already organised for you, why not give cruising a go.

The drive out of Sydney Harbour with cocktail number one on hand by the pool was lovely and then it was party time on the open sea, onwards to our first destination of Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia. Noumea was lovely but we were really looking forward to the pine tree studded beaches of the Isle of Pines.

The one downside of the trip aside from nearly being molested by a local on the beach, was that one of the New Caledonian ports we were meant to stop and get off at was under construction- so what did the cruise company do? They replaced that island with Wollongong… I’m sure ‘The Gong,’ has it’s merits, however at the time we were a bit disappointed and didn’t even get off the boat in sulky protest as we would have rather spent another day snorkelling and sun-baking on a beautiful tropical island than looking around a city not too far from Sydney…

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img_9600-copyExiting Sydney harbour with me madreimg_2281Shelfie timeimg_2355img_9608


img_2378img_9684Noumeaimg_9680img_9712Isle of Pinesimg_9740-copyNot the best of weather but still so blueimg_9951img_9899An abandoned something.

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