Why it’s amazing to be vegan in Ubud

To be completed, but my pics are alright, no?

My turban wearing German healer on not drinking, eating meat, doing drugs or having sex-

Me: “what do you drink for a treat?” Him: “sometimes I have tonic water…” *Asks for Malibu in my guava juice and sheds a tear for all the people in the world whose ‘treat yo’ self drink’ is tonic water. Mine is too but not without a significant portion of gin…





One Reply to “Why it’s amazing to be vegan in Ubud”

  1. I like that… its funny and Yes they are good…. maybe less is more… or look at sizing I guess that will happen when u finish u will probs do this as well but u need to put line returns in your copy and bold up the *me* and *him* bits I had to read it a couple of times to get it xx


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