Image credits: Josephine Skriver by Emma Tempest for Porter, summer escape 2016.


I’ve already done a post on surviving with only a few products for while you are IN Bali, but now that you are home it would be nice to retain and channel that healthy tropical look even in the direst weather conditions.

Beach inspired beauty is all about looking effortlessly fabulous, with glowing, sun-kissed skin using minimal products utilised well for that ‘just hopped out of the ocean and a bit crusty but naturally hot,’ look.

Skin: Use a good BB cream as they provide a treatment, foundation and moisturiser all in one and are super light, for example this one from Bali Body.

Apply bronzer: You could use a liquid version like Nars’ version of the cult classic Laguna bronzer or just stick to the ol’ powder, sweeping under your cheekbones, along your jaw and the sides of your forehead as well as an extra dab on the tip of your nose.

Blush: Use a warm shade on the apples of the cheeks like this apricot one from Sephora, making sure you use sparingly and not too low down your face since the colour is quite strong and you don’t want to miss your cheekbones.

Highlighter: you can do this now or leave till the end for a final glimmering makeup send off.

Eyes: As this look is about minimal effort gently dab some cream eyeshadow all over the lid in a natural colour like Bobbi Brown’s in ‘sandy gold.’ (You can just use your finger but be careful not to get any under your nails as this is ver annoying.)

If you have blue eyes try going for earthy bronze/ gold hues- the more reddish pigment in the shadow the more your eyes will stand out.

Mascara: A given but am going to write about it because the one I’ve used is Too Faced’s ‘Better than sex,’ in waterproof. Haven’t even tried and am sold on the name. Well done marketing.

Final Touches: Maybelline’s baby lips lip balm and sea salt spray like this one from Kevin Murphy to give your hair a bit of sexy, salty oomph. I personally recommend this one because it smells amazing and orange zesty.

Final final touch: Pull out your favourite highlighter, preferably a warmly based one (will appear more gold than silver) and apply to-

  • The inner corners of your eyes
  • The centre of both eyelids
  • Down the centre of your nose
  • Your cupids bow
  • And of course the tops of your cheekbones.
Finito x
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