Bali Beauty Part 1: How a beauty addict survived with minimal products

Being a curly gurly is hard.

IMG_7221 (1)
The famous ‘wet hair and start again,’ technique.

Being a closeted curly gurly whose straightener and products are in her lost luggage, never to be seen again is even harder.

If you have curly hair you are probably familiar with the gamble that is the low maintenance: ‘wet hair and hope for the best’ technique.

This technique is exciting because it produces different results each time.

Marina’s appearance upon first arrival in Bali: Draco Malfoy-esque white skin, courtesy of Sydney’s Winter with blonde eyelashes and Hagrid hair upon being hit by the heat wave that is South East Asia’s humidity.


Humidity: 1 Marina: 0

Survival techniques developed: 

Utilise a BB cream: Good for your skin and is a tinted moisturiser with pretty good coverage and sunscreen all in one to save precious space while travelling. Just cleanse and BB and then your skin is done.

Waterproof mascara: When you are on a yoga retreat in Bali you do not want rivulets of black running down your face as you downward dog.

Had I known eyelash tinting was such a rarity I would have thought about getting this done back home because it’s only 20 bucks and makes quite a difference for 2 weeks.

But I didn’t. So I bought a waterproof mascara: A product I usually hate as once it is on that is the end and it shall be caked on forever. If you have the audacity to try to remove such devilish clumps you may lose some eyelashes in the process.

3. Coconut oil is your best friend. 

Coconut oil, I found is actually a really good eye makeup remover and softly gets rid of even the peskiest waterproof mascara, minus the balding lashes. It also feels like you are nourishing your lashes, rather than harshly drying them out with chemical removers.

Just make sure you cleanse after so you don’t break out from the oil.

I also used the extra virgin coconut oil as a hair mask every night, slept in it and then washed it out in the morning in an attempt to tame the frizz.

Extras: After staying in the Novotel for a night in Denpasar, I naturally scabbed as many toiletries as possible.

Resourceful tip: A spare toothbrush can double as an eyebrow comb.

And that’s pretty much it. What was surprisingly confronting at first became ridiculously easy and it became less stressful doing absolutely nothing and embracing how I looked naturally- eventually even ditched the mascara!



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