Although it doesn’t feel like it, Autumn is upon us and it already feels like the year is flowing by with ridiculous speed. With uni starting in 2 weeks and a new internship with Marie Claire starting soon (so excited!) Im slowly starting to get into the thick of things, crossing my fingers in hope that when the time comes I will remember how to brain again. In the past few months, excusing a few minor exercise dry spells and gorging on food (ahem, Malaysia) I have been really trying to make the most of my time by  exercising and planning meals that will nurture and nourish  my body. So now my goal is to keep it up and work it into the new schedule because I believe for the time being that busy is the way to be, a sharp contrast to my life of late.

I also start pole dancing again in a few weeks which I am tremendously excited about- Need to purchase my new heels and ready to bring on the bruises!

Sidenote: If you read my last weeks inspiration post, you will know that I was trying to find inner tranquility. I began my week of tranquility sitting at my breakfast bar: deep breaths and a beautiful Acai bowl waiting for me to gorge on. Next minute I look down to see a friggin maggot worming its way up my thigh. How did this maggot get here? What does it all mean? I don’t know but it was very disturbing and not something you expect from a clean kitchen in the morning. Maggot morning still a mystery and not an encounter I would care to repeat.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald



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