Locations: Kuala Lumpar, Panang, Langkawi

Traveling around Malaysia was absolutely beautiful, with unforgettable scenery and diverse street food that reflected the countries mix of nationalities: Thai food, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Malay all of which my family ordered in abundance. My mothers meal time catchphrase “let’s just put a few things in the middle and share” got used extensively, causing some of the waiters to give us ‘good lord what obese westerners’ looks which of course prompted our ‘challenge accepted,’ ‘can do’ attitudes and resulted in many many food comas.

I do love travelling on a budget, however one thing that can be said of family travel and posh hotels: Breakfast Buffets are the stuff of dreams. Every morning was like a game of who can mix the strangest array of cuisines and who can make the most trips to the buffet without looking completely shameful. Spoiler alert: Marina wins, however at plate no. 3 when you go from scrambled eggs to curry the shame of breakfast buffet gluttony starts to creep in. And then it goes away because you are on holidays and its ok to eat big breakfasts… its the most forgiving in the daily metabolism dept. so practically healthy shhh.

Favourite Malay meal and street food:

Char Kway Teow- fried flat noodles usually with prawns

Fried sweet potato, yam thing with sweet bean curd filling that I unfortunately do not remember the name of (Thank you Uncle the taxi driver!)

‘Panako’ a crepe cooked till crunchy and folded into a taco with your choice of filling found in a stall in Batu Ferringhi, Panang run by the most gorgeous couple. My sister and I shared a peanut butter, Nutella and Oreo and a peanut butter, Nutella and banana sending us to Panako heaven.


The infinity pool in these photos is located in the glorious 5 star Eastern and Oriental hotel in George Town, the heritage listed area in Penang.


Waterfalls and Seven Wells:

The final day of our trip was my favourite as we took a break from our difficult coconut sipping, poolside itinerary and ventured up a ridiculous amount of steps to get to the beautiful ‘seven wells’ waterfalls.  A showdown with a family of cranky monkeys and what seemed like a thousand mountainous steps later we were rewarded with a gorgeous little set up. You could jump into the natural pools and slide down a moss covered waterfall into one of the wells at the bottom like an au natural waterslide that only resulted in a few bum grazes when I skid off course.

This is where I met some Argentinian backpackers, who provided excellent perv fodder for my mother, sister and myself and after we spoke I had their details to meet them that night. This brought upon many lectures from my father who had a lot to say about the fact that I never found myself stumbling upon any strapping Serbian men and who had also decided that I was going to get kidnapped/ robbed/ murdered going off by myself. The phrase “If she doesn’t come back tonight I’m chaining her to the radiator for a year” may have also come up, however I’m calling bluff as we don’t in fact have a radiator…

Drinks on the beach later, friend making with some lovely Sudanese girls, a glorious night swim which left me absolutely destroyed by jellyfish, some excellent wing-manning and a motor bike equipped scavenger hunt for a cab later meant that the trip was officially coming to an end and what ensued was an itchy (from those rotten jellyfish) 7 hour flight home with an extremely hung-over Marina.




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