Trying out Pole dancing!

The knowledge that I would begin pole dancing classes was rather a shock to my father and upon learning where I was going as he drove me to my first lesson I’m surprised he didn’t crash. After a heavily pregnant, 5 min pause in which I assumed he was either fine with the idea or hadn’t heard me, he asked whether I was dropping out of uni to become a stripper. A befuddled expression with heavily furrowed brows that made him look like the dad from ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ was plastered on his face as he played with the idea of why a decent girl from a decent albeit slightly dysfunctional at times family would do such a thing. I reassured him that no, I was not going to become a stripper and that if I was it would require a great deal more agility and skill than I currently posses.

Motivations for starting pole dancing.

  • Increased confidence in regards to body and the desire to feel sexy, as current sex appeal is lack-lustre at best. Hoping by end of term will be channeling Dita Von Teese/ Sofia Loren-like Va- Va Voom factor.
  •  Increased strength and flexibility.
  • A new style of dance to try after 10 years of contemporary and failing to be sexy in Jazz.
  • It just looks so damn cool.

After 2 lessons it is apparent that this truly athletic sport is not as easy as it looks and the pain of “pole kisses” are very very real. After watching inspirational videos of pole dancers Karo Swen and Anastasia Sokolova I am feeling inspired and convinced that they are majestic and mythical pole goddesses who can secretly levitate because holy cow those women can move. To be fair the beginner moves are not that difficult however I stupidly did not anticipate the antagonistic effects of gravity and the fact that gripping onto a pole with your full body weight with areas of skin which are not used to gripping things for dear life can be very painful! Thus the resulting pole kisses AKA bruises.

But do not be deterred! Pole dancing is one of the most fun workouts I have ever experienced and the classes start from right at the beginner level meaning anyone of all fitness levels can try it. I am feeling so motivated to do well in this sport and enjoyed my classes so much that one hour was not enough to eradicate my pole cravings and I ended up practicing on the stop sign in front of my house. (this was not a good idea because the poles are very different and I now have a lump the size of a plum on my leg) but still! so much fun! And I actually did manage to feel sexy! My “pole kisses” even feel like victory stamps, a confirmation that this really is a hard-core sport.

Tips for your pole class:

  • Wear shorts, or you won’t be able to grip pole with your legs.
  • Don’t moisturize before hand or you will slide off.
  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, promiscuous outfit and heels are optional 😉
  • Have fun and don’t worry about looking silly. Unless your end goal really is to be a stripper it doesn’t really matter anyway.
  • Prepare for a fun workout that works marvels on your core and upper body strength.

Will post some more to update on pole progress, currently the end of term dance is to Flash dance, bringing back memories of primary school dance recitals. Not really the R rated song I was anticipating but still a lot of fun! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Trying out Pole dancing!

  1. I’ve taken a few different pole and aerial dance classes. They are some of the most intense workouts that I’ve done; I left each class so sore! I found more respect for women and women who pole dance and especially aerial acrobatics.

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