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If you have found your way onto my website, firstly welcome and secondly I’d like to share a personal thank you for visiting, however you may have found your way here.

If you are reading this now you are probably either a) a friend or relative that feels they should support my writing endeavours as they are starting out, or b) a fellow lover of global galivanting in search of some guidance, inspiration or just to learn a bit more about other parts of the world and other people’s stories as I am. However you found yourself here, I am appreciative nevertheless.

A bit more about me and this blog:

I have just finished my journalism degree and have decided that 2019 shall be a year of great personal growth. For this reason I have ventured beyond my bubble of ordinariness back home and am pursuing something far greater than myself in the form of travel- to embrace the cliche of leaving your life behind in order to learn and evolve, become a more interesting, well rounded human etc. etc.

I hope that staying grounded in my goal to become a story teller or a journalist in whatever form that takes will give me some direction and make me a better writer as I pursue stories across the globe: thus the creation of this website and a platform to share my learnings, photographs and interviews with the people I encounter on the way.

I hope to go beyond the regular travel tips- to share snippets of the cultures I encounter, interesting and inspiring people and some of the social issues that impact certain areas that you may not have considered.

Chasing Freedom

I know that at this point in time I am young. I am single. I am healthy. I have no cat or potted succulent to wilt away in my absence or boyfriend to dump before my journey and I am probably as technically free as I will ever be in my life- something that I cannot take for granted for a second considering what hurdles will inevitably be thrown my way in the future.

I know right now that my name is Marina, I am half Serbian and half Australian. I was born in Ireland and spent some time in my childhood in the UK before spending the rest of my life up till now living on the northern beaches in Sydney.

I have a sister named Lola, uncontrollable blonde, curly hair, an unhealthy addiction to peanut butter and a phobia of the grinch.

I love art, yoga, healthy food and the occasional chant but will giggle if you wave bells in my face and call it sound healing.

I became addicted to the idea of travelling after spending 2 months solo in India- something that seemed to concern a lot of people and yet turned out to be one of the most empowering things I could have done.

I fell in love with myself after struggling (and still sometimes struggling) for a very long time, a hippie under a mango tree in Goa, and the philosophy of living life outside your comfort zone- with freedom, curiosity, passion and vigour, savouring all the little details, joys, accidents, screw ups and random stories in the process.

(An old hippie man I met at the Anjuna flea market also told me/knew/ mysteriously prophesised that I was a writer and that I needed to create something like this to inspire other people to travel- So when weird, psychic, guardian angel people thatΒ have untraceable accents and resemble a barnacley person from pirates of the Caribbean appear in your life you’ve gotta listen to what they have to say…)

So if you can relate to any of these things…Β 

or are even remotely interested in my journey, or if you want to follow my travels, photographs, stories and tips for navigating the world as a solo female traveller (or non- solo or non- female traveller) please give me a follow or a like or a subscribe or comment to say hi, wherever you see fit. It would definitely be most appreciated.

My blog is new (well has existed, albeit emptily for the last few years as I lacked the courage, confidence and time to just start,) so please have a seat and start by checking out my latest posts HERE.

– Marina xx